Your dream adventure starts here.

Mapityo makes sure you get what you pay for: an unforgettable adventure sports experience with an awesome instructor who challenges you, inspires you, and gets your adrenaline pumping (and, you know, keeps you safe). Whether you want to kitesurf or ski; horseride or sky-dive.

Why Mapitiyo?

  • Discover the best adventure sports providers and locations

  • Find teachers you trust for an amazing and safe experience

  • Book lessons and meet your instructor before you arrive

  • Save money against on-location bookings

  • Prove your experience and skip boring assessments

  • Build your skills, track progress and unlock achievements

  • Join a global community of adventure lovers (and havers)

In mountain climbing, guides never take customers they don't know on a difficult trip. They will always make you do an easy one to better know you even though you have already climbed Mont Blanc, Kilimanjaro or even K2. Mapitiyo has the potential to change that, by giving instructors a verifiable understanding of your background and experience, from other reputable instructors.


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